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Please feel free to take advantage of our Interactive Gun Dog Map and get listed in our exclusive Gun Dog Directory…..a comprehensive and human edited list of all the finest Gun Dog contacts in the state of Georgia and honorable mentions for those out of state that are willing and able to serve the area. Call us at 706-431-3614 or email to get listed.

From top quality Gun Dog Breeders & Gun Dog Trainers to the finest Quail Shooting Clubs around….if it pertains to Quail hunting in Georgia you can find it here.

You will find a growing list of helpful articles, an interactive map, a directory for Gun Dog Listings and coming soon a Gun Dog Store for all your Quail Hunting and Dog Handling Gear!

Flight Trained Quail

As former Quail Breeders ourselves here at North Georgia Quail we hold a special place in our heart for Quail Farmers large and small! So we have included a special category in our Gun Dog Directory to provide contact information for anyone in the states actively growing and selling flight trained Bobwhite Quail.

We encourage everyone that is interested in Quail hunting and bird dog training to please stay in contact with these breeders and to make your intentions known….in many ways these Quail Farmers are directly related to the future of quail hunting as we know it and they need to know that they have a market that will be willing to buy birds in large numbers not only this year but for years to come.

Please read our article series entitled “Support Your Local Bird Man!” and call your guy today and let him know how much shooting and training you will be doing so that he is confident in his future as a Quail Farmer and will continue to provide the life blood of our favorite sport.

As for NGQ as a company, we once tried our hand at raising and flight conditioning Quail, but without the proper space and facilities we decided we could best serve the greater Georgia Quail Hunting community by concentrating on the Quail Containment Systems coming out of our woodshop.

We currently have a fine line of Johnny Houses with three models to choose from and lots of options.

Also, since we live in the Poultry Capital of the USA it also makes sense for us to offer all manner of chicken coops and houses, so we build those as well.

But as for our efforts to improve the quality of Quail hunting in GA we try to focus on four main folks….Gun Dog Breeders….Gun Dog Trainers….Quail Hunting Plantations….and Quail Breeders.

Let’s look at each one individually….

Gun Dog Breeders

We like to give Georgia Gun Dog Breeders a spot on our map and in our directory to make it easier for Georgia Quail Hunters to find that perfect companion and hunting partner.

Gun Dog Breeders work very hard to establish and maintain a line of dogs that are worthy of acclaim. That is why we here at NGQ like to give them every opportunity to let us know every time one of their line has a new litter and show us lots of pics and videos of their progress.

Gun Dog Trainers

Gun Dog Trainers are the next link in the chain. Once you have spent all that time and effort researching and finding that perfect puppy you do not want to trust him or her to just any trainer. Our human edited list of quality trainers will help give you a good head start in finding the best Gun Dog Trainer for your needs.

And folks, don’t be shy…..for us to be able to stay on top of who is doing the best job training bird dogs here in GA we need feedback

Quail Hunting Clubs in Georgia

Quail hunting clubs in Georgia are all welcome to take part in both our map and our directory.

During Quail Season we will feature one club each week and give everyone the skinny on whose got the best shooting and accommodations.

Quail Breeders

As for our Quail Breeders answering the question….“Where can I buy Bobwhite Quail” is at times an exercise in futility.

It is our goal here at NGQ to make this as painless as possible by making available the contact information of as many quality breeders as we can verify, as well as keeping current projections as to how many birds any particular breeder will have available at any given time.

Having said that we would also like to try to motivate as many Georgia Quail Hunters as possible to secure their own Quail hunting leases and mount their own efforts into re-establishing Quail populations and in establishing your own private Quail shooting clubs.

Georgia Quail Hunting Leases

Starting in 2013 NGQ will be posting listings for private Quail hunting clubs in Georgia.

You find and negotiate a lease with the landowner in your area and we will post it and help your find members to help you fund the lease. We are looking into a couple of different funding models to make it as seamless as possible….but in the mean time keep your eyes out for Quail hunting properties in Georgia and check back with us in August and we will get it listed for you.

NGQ’s Quail Restoration Project

NGQ is currently looking for land in the White County area of North Georgia to mount an effort to develop and test a system for those trying to establish large Quail populations for both commercial shooting and Quail restoration efforts.

We are looking for a minimum of 100 contiguous acres of land with a mix of pasture and woodland areas. Water is also very important as we are trying to establish the optimum habitat for establishing Quail on the property.

If anyone knows of suitable piece of property in the North Georgia area please bring it to our attention. There are numerous benefits to the landowner  for allowing us use their property over and above the fact that it will eventually be covered in Bobwhite Quail.

Final Salute!

Thank you for taking the time to read our homepage don’t forget to drop us a line and get all of your favorite Gun Dog Folks listed on our Gun Dog Map and in our Gun Dog Directory.

God Bless Ya! Support the Troops! And Keep on Shooting!NGQ