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North Georgia Quail ….aka NGQ….is a small family owned Quail Farm tucked into the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains.

Though once upon a time we did breed and raise live Bobwhite Quail we learned fairly early on that our woodshop was going to out pace the Quail Breeding side of our farm. So we have decided to concentrate on providing Premium Quality Quail Containment Systems for the Quail Hunting Community.

Our product line consists of  several different sizes of Johnny Houses and a really effective Predator Proof Callback Tube.


New of the horizon for NGQ is the development of our industry first “Smart Flush Door”. This new technology will allow Quail Hunters to flush their Johnny House from their cell phone, which is a huge advantage for those hunters or dog trainers that live a good distance from their hunting property.

Also if you have your birds well conditioned to the use of the Johnny House you can set the “Smart Flush Door” to flush the birds each morning so that they have a chance to spend much more time in the field than in a box. This way they maintain more flight capabilities and wild instinct.

Also for the 2018 season NGQ is going to get back into the business of producing “Day Old Quail” for use in our Johnny Houses. We currently are developing a group of breeders from a line of birds that are one generation from wild Northern Bobwhite Quail and are proven to be hard flyers.

However, deciding to commit to such a huge undertaking requires a lot of advanced planning on our part and commitments from our future customers. So if you have any need for Day Old Chicks please let us know so that we can get a better feel for how fast to grow our new hatchery.

Just drop us a line at al@northgeorgiaquail.com and say “I need chicks for 2018!” and let us know about how many you might need and where you are located….(pricing is not set as yet…but we will be competitive!).


Thanks again for visiting and Happy Hunting!

Al & Melissa