NGQ’s Johnny Houses


NGQ’s Johnny Houses are an invaluable tool for gun dog handlers and Quail Plantation owners alike.

Whether you just don’t have a good supply of birds near your location or simply need to keep a good number of birds on hand any time of year….a Quail Johnny House is your answer.

Here at NGQ we know the value of producing a low maintenance bulletproof product for our customers. We know that during the limited shooting season hunters and plantation owners do not want to be concerned with emergency bird orders or having to throw together a secure place to keep them….and that Gun Dog Breeders and Gun Dog Trainers need to keep birds on hand all year round….This house is built specifically for you!

Here at NGQ we field three different models of Johnny houses.

Shown here our most popular model is the mid-sized model simply called “The Rancher”.

Mid-sized Johnny House



“The Rancher” Mid-Sized Johnny House

Finished Houses Starting @ $1695+$295 Shipping

(Additional charges of $125 apply for residential delivery)

Quail Johnny House

Unfinished Houses Starting @ $1495+$295 Shipping

For those that might either want save a buck or two…or just have the chance to customize the finish of their Johnny House we now offer then in an unfinished state for about a $200 discount. So you can either paint them to match the landscape or take the money and run! Either way your Rancher Johnny House form NGQ will give you decades of good service because the MDO siding on the exterior of the house doesn’t actually require paint for weatherproofing though it is always a good practice.


The dimensions of The Rancher are 3x5x3.5 feet and will house from 64 to 72 birds.

The sunning area is 3×3 feet with rails and roosts to give the birds plenty of room to catch some rays.

It features a 10 gallon watering capacity and fits up to a 40lb gamebird feeder.

Options are available that allow you to attach any gravity fed remote water source to increase the watering capacity exponentially and a custom feeder to increase the feed capacity to 100lbs by using a built in shoot style feeder.

Its construction consists of the most bulletproof materials we could find, intended to provide you with not just years but decades of problem free service.

The siding is made of nearly indestructible MDO plywood which is a high resin content product developed for the sign-making industry. This high resin content helps it to resist the penetration of water which in turn keeps it very stable and resists swelling and warping.

The frame is all treated and all hardware and wire are of heavy duty galvanized construction to insure a lifetime of good service.

The Rancher Johnny House will house up to 100 birds in short term holding situations and will keep 64 to 72 birds comfortable for up to two weeks unattended.

There are two flush doors….one is a 34×12 inch door that opens the front of the sunning area and the second door is 30×8 and is on the bottom section to the Johnny House which is good for flushing and accessing the birds main living area.

Both the feed and watering areas are dried in from the weather under the deck lids on either side. Every effort has been made to conceal and isolate these areas from the main bird holding area so as to facilitate the topping off of feed and water without spooking the birds or needing to flush the birds to access these areas. 

Quail Johnny House Water Compartment

 Wet take great pride in building these Johnny Houses and would love to build one for you soon…so if you have medium to large size quail operation going we would love to build you one or more.

One of our mid-sized houses will help you cover from 1 to 5 acres in quail, so be sure to ask us about discounts for multiple orders if you have a large acreage to cover.

Portable Johnny House

Our next Johnny House  called “the Dog Trainer” is a semi-portable unit designed for Gun Dog Trainers and Quail Hunters that need to be able to move from 12 to 24 birds around and keep them in relative comfort.


“The Dog Trainer” Portable Johnny House

Stating @ $495+$195 Shipping

(Additional charges of $125 apply for residential delivery)

At about 3 feet square and 20 inches high this unit bridges the gap between a traditional recall pen and a full sized Johnny House…combining the protection and safety of the Johnny House with the mobility of the recall pen.

Also over and above the capabilities of normal quail recall or callback pens is the ability to add feed and water stations to this Johnny House.

Both feed and water is accomplished through external means so that they can be removed when the house is taken afield.

Then once returned to the house pop in the feeder, add the water and keep your birds safe and sound until the next time you get a chance to hunt or train.

This little Johnny House is built from the same bulletproof materials as our full and mid-sized Johnny Houses….so rest assured that it will be there for decades to come.

Large Johnny House

NGQ is proud to introduce “The Big Daddy!”.

New for the 2013/2014 Quail Hunting Season “The Big Daddy” will be a full 8×5 foot monster of a quail containment system.

Simply a scaled up version of our tried and true mid-sized model it will be capable of holding over 100 live quail in great comfort and safety.

Stay tuned for updates and photos….she’s a work in progress.

Quail Johnny House Conditioning

One of our most frequently asked questions is “how do I get the birds to come back to the johnny house?”

Well, the best answer is with a bit of training.

A Quail Johnny House is not a trap…you cannot expect to put it out in quail country and expect it to pick up wild quail for you, as some folks have asked.

A Quail Johnny House is a quail containment system that with some conditioning, much like a chicken house, you can train quail to come back to to feed and roost at night.

The process involves putting new quail in the box…preferably feeding them in through the callback tube to show them what it is for…keeping them in the box for several days to get them accustomed to it and happy with the feed, water and roost. Then each day let a few birds out and let them come back….each day increasing the number of birds you release until you are up to your desired number.

Some wildlife biologists have recommended flushing your birds on a daily basis (or as often as possible) for maximum flight training and oil scent production. Noting the fact that inside the Johnny House the quail are pretty well protected from the elements and predation at night….but confinement during the day is detrimental to flight instinct.

While dealing with the elements such as rain and snow it encourages the quail to preen and produce oils to groom and weatherproof the feathers which allow them to fly in all weather conditions….it also increases the ability of the birds to put down wild scent from the oils.

Also being flushed on a daily basis increases the quail’s awareness of predators and enhances their flight instinct to fly and act very much like wild birds.

One other major benefit of frequently flushing your birds is that it allows them to forage and seek out food and water for most of the day. This keeps them from being totally dependent on the food and water stores inside the Johnny House lessening the frequency with which you have to refill.

Only once you have a group of birds fully conditioned should you flush all the birds at one time. As a matter of fact it would probably be good to recommend that you always keep at least one or two birds in the house for callback reasons….but as you will see, when it comes time to flush sometimes it can be a little hard to close the door and keep just one.

Both sexes will call in the evenings so it is not critical whether you keep a male or not but watching the birds behavior over the years I am convinced that the sound of the birds in the house tapping the nipples on the watering system is just as strong a draw as any to convince the recalled birds to actually enter the Johnny House.

And lastly….try to introduce new birds regularly. Or at least try to make sure you have a few well conditioned birds to help the new birds learn the ropes.

Following these rules I think you will be very happy with the performance of your Quail….so just remember to condition them well….then flush them often!

Good luck!

Payment Options

Payment options include check and money order…or you can use any major credit card through PayPal.

Johnny House Shipping

Shipping & handling of our Johnny Houses can be accomplished via freight in most cases for $250 ….deliveries to business locations with a loading dock or to the trucking companies terminal locations are normally pretty reasonable. For an additional fee of $100 residential lift gate services are also available.

Predator Proof Recall Funnel

Predator proof recall funnels or recall tubes are a great addition to any Johnny House or holding pen.


Predator Proof Quail Recall Funnel

$149+Free Shipping

Having been in the quail raising game for quite some time now we have had to deal with all manner of predators. A Johnny House or flight pen will keep out most large predators but it’s those pesky little kritters that will fit up through a normal callback tube that will get you.

Therefore we here at NGQ have developed our own Predator Proof Recall Funnel.

Our tube is fully adjustable and retro-fits into any existing structure. You can use it to replace the tube in the Johnny House or holding pen you have now or just simply cut it into the side of any existing structure you plan on housing birds in.

Installation is simple….since the butt end to the trap acts as a template, just place the butt end up against the Johnny House….trace around it and cut out the  hole. Once you have the hole cut simply slide the trap in place and screw the face to the wall of the Johnny House or holding pen.

Now that you have your new Predator Proof Recall Funnel installed it is time to check if the spring tension matches the weight of your birds. This can be accomplished by simply loading one of your birds into the tube to make sure that it does not dip down too low for him to be able to enter the house. If your bird is too heavy then simply use the wingnut on the front to dial in some tension….just that simple.

From the farm the trap comes calibrated to match the size and weight of a typical Northern Bobwhite Quail which as quail go is on the lighter end of the spectrum. So chances are if adjustments are needed you will tighten it up to make the trap stiffer for heavier birds such as your jumbo breeds.

Please give us a call  @ 706-431-3614 if you have any questions about installation or use.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!