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Quail Hunting as a sport is fast becoming a faded memory!

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We here at NGQ are trying to do our part to preserve our favorite past time….Quail Hunting. We will leave it up to Wildlife Biologists to try to figure out how to restore wild bird populations….but until then we are doing our part to try to preserve the sport of Quail Hunting itself!

In doing so we are trying to provide all of the equipment needed for Quail Hunting enthusiasts to be able to house and keep Bobwhite Quail onsite with a minimum of maintenance. And to be able to keep the birds flushed and in the field where they need to be. This will help them maintain there wild instinct and flight characteristics.

Quail Hunting is getting tough! Gone are the days of Dad telling you to grab the shotgun and go wake up old Blue sleeping on the front porch. These are just faded memories….but they don’t have to be!

We are North Georgia Quail….Makers of Premium Quail Containment Systems!

Specializing in Quail Johnny Houses…..Predator Proof Callback Tubes/Recall Funnels and Bobwhite Quail Field Brooding Systems. Also coming soon is NGQ’s Ultimate Pointing Dog Training Platform. This system will flush and recall remotely so your birds will live and grow in the field and will be flushed and ready when you come to train or hunt!

Quail Hunting

Quail hunting is more than just a sport….it’s a way of life. A sport that keeps you in touch with nature. A sport that keeps you in touch with friends. And in touch with the dogs that we so love to watch do what they were born to do!

So please contact us at al@northgeorgiaquail.com to find what we might have that will help you keep the sport alive for you and the next generations of your family!

As said before, we specialize in Quail Containment Systems which consists of Quail Johnny Houses and Predator Proof Recall tubes. We are also in the process of developing remote containment systems for those who do not live near their hunting area. Please feel free to give us a call at 706-431-3614.

We started this thing because we love the sport….so we look forward to talking to all those who feel the same!

God Bless!