Support Your Local Bird Man!


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Almost without exception, Quail and Game Bird breeders of all kinds are just good, honest, salt of the earth people.

I know very few Quail breeders who have made themselves personally wealthy as professional Quail handlers…. I know some that have money but most of it did not come from their quail breeding operation…. they do it because they love it…. and because it is in their blood!

We here at NGQ tried our hand at it…. we loved it…. but financially just could not sustain it.

That is why we are writing this follow up article to “Quail Hunters….Buy Your Birds Early!”…. titled “Support Your Local Bird Man!”. Now we are a site that focuses on Quail Hunting primarily, but this topic is important to the entire Upland Game Bird Hunting Community nationwide.


It is a fact that wild Bobwhite Quail populations are dwindling all over the country and that everyone’s ultimate dream would be to have plenty of wild birds to work their dogs over. But the reality is, that until some real progress is made, the future of Quail Hunting relies heavily upon the success of these good old Quail Farmers.

So you may ask “what can I do to help these guys out?”. Well I’ll tell you what you can do……you can “Support Your Local Bird Man!”.

  • You can buy more birds than you have to.
  • Buy a couple of extra birds each time you visit…. don’t be chincy, this man needs to be able to know that his market is strong.
  • You can buy birds in advance of the season.
  • Make a commitment to your bird man…. maybe buy a contract for a good number of birds.
  • Make space to keep birds of your own.

Making a space to keep birds on your own property would help your Quail man out tremendously…whether it be a Johnny House, flight pen or just a simple holding pen with a recall funnel…Quail and Game Bird Breeders are always managing space!

And last but certainly not least…..drum roll please…. Go Quail Hunting!…. Take a kid Quail Hunting and introduce the next generation to the sport…. Go to your nearest preserve or shooting club…. talk to the guys in your Deer and Turkey clubs about setting aside a few acres for Quail…..or get together with a few friends and buy your own separate Quail lease.

When you really think about it that is a great idea…. for a Quail lease, to release pen raised birds, you don’t need near as many acres as hunting wild because you are placing the birds, and it is a great way to meet other Quail hunters, dog owners, trainers, breeders and just get out and shoot!

Hell…. call your local Bird Man today and tell him your gonna need a extra couple hundred birds next year!:)~

God Bless Ya! Support the Troops! And keep on Shooting!